Milky centar



Spring 2018. looking back at that time today it feels like ages. A very important time from the perspective of innovation for the gastro scene of Belgrade. Since then, now and forever, you have had the opportunity to have your mind, palate, eyes, hands, and everything blown away! Pancakes that Belgrade used to know have become irrelevant. Something unreal is being done here. An endless collection of favorite foods whether you want them in as different and as delicious as possible edition ever. Do not forget the most beautiful too. The pancake house styled in a modern way is packed non-stop, in the centre of town where you need it most. There are too many reasons to count them.

Under the slogan "Anything but Nutella and Plazma", the masters of their craft make some unbelievable creams. The team of Ferrero should be coming here soon as possible and see for themselves how the Milky centre knows much better how to create Ferrero and other flavors than them. Combined with a more than extraordinary pancake dough plus the perfect toppings and decoration on top of all that, you get a fantasy that will be remembered just as long as your biggest love has been.

If you are a fan of salty snacks, visit the galaxy of specialties. Serbian cuisine is unthinkable without bacon and kulen. Italian without cheese, sauces, and aromatic spices. All this but in a new, pancake package is being prepared at this very address. The savory pancake baked in the pizza oven is something you also can not afford to miss.

Fasting pancakes are a planet unto themselves. For many, it is the furthest away. A walk in the park for this creative team. If you fast or simply have such a diet, sweet and salty fasting pancakes are waiting for you any day.

Originality can also be seen in the interior. Modern that it cannot be more modern. Relaxed like at home. The atmosphere is like any of their pancakes. Perfect!

If you crave challenges Milky is waiting for you. Are you that much of a fan of pancakes that you can eat as many as five in just half an hour? If so, let your glutton for sweets out like never before for free. If you overestimate yourself, you pay the bill. Come down to the city centre to check your limits.