Terminal gastro bar

The Vracar plateau which is located right next to the Temple of St. Sava is much more than a site. It has been Belgrade's iconic place forever. Thousands of photos are taken daily in this area which points to its beauty and popularity. On this plateau, this phenomenal gastro bar is conveniently located.

A place that will delight you and you will love right away. The architectural solution make you enjoy every part of the bar at any time of the day. Weather you have just come for a coffee or want to celebrate important moments in your life - you will get far more than catering services and offer.

Carefully created space is intended to be completely relaxing bar and world-class restaurant. The menu will make every guest happy, both the one on a diet and the greatest hedonist. The charming bartender's offer will get the gloomy thoughts away in the first round. Absolutely fascinating gastro bar.