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It is no secret that Belgrade is a favourite destination for travelers from all over the world. It is no secret either that Serbian hospitality, shoulder to shoulder with local gastronomy, is a souvenir that not a single tourist forgets to pack in his suitcase. However, just as every trip is not the same, not all the restaurants, that leave an unforgettable mark on visiting the Serbian capital, are the same. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the place that has to be added on your map.

Perfect location for exploring national specialties. Serbian snack, kajmak, ajvar, fried peppers. It may be difficult to pronounce, but it is easier than ever to enjoy the overture for traditional dishes. Sarma, beans, goulash and more. The whole representation of cooked dishes defends the old aromas of Serbia. With great pride. And with success that always evokes a smile and uncompromising delight. Barbecue, fish, pizza, pasta, à la carte, desserts. Everything is available every day.

For local food to be excellent, an appropriate atmosphere is also required. And here, the atmosphere is completely home-like. Absolutely single or in big company, there will be the cozy feeling for sure. Thanks to the interior, you have the opportunity to learn a lot about Serbia and other countries. Any question will be answered as quickly as your order.

Love for Serbia turned into hospitality dates back to 2004. Back then, the restaurant was a pub that people used to visit at any time. Always focused solely on preferences of guests from all over the world, they provided gastronomic company to numerous kinds of beer. That is why everything is simply excellent at this address. Bring your pets along because they belong here as well.

There is a complimentary homemade welcome brandy for every guest. No, it is not a hidden-camera prank, it is true. If you want to be completely thrilled, order specialty of the house. Its name is Talandara. It is prepared for three, five or eight people. The unique fusion of meat and vegetables is impossible to describe. Enough reading, go to the ideal restaurant for all generations.