Serbia tourism: excursions from Belgrade

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Would you like to see more of Serbia while in Belgrade? Balkan Holidays excursions offer round-trip from Belgrade to excursion destinations and services of professional tour guide (english). For all available tours and trips download Balkan Holidays brochureBalkan Holidays brochure.

History tour along the Danube River

Danube is the second longest river in Europe and it reaches its maximum in Serbia, with the greatest width of 6.5 kilometers, and greatest depth of 92 meters, and it formed longest gorge in Europe - Djerdap Gorge that's 99 kilometers long. Some of the first European civilizations were spread in this area.

Photo: pixabay / Sonjapixabay / Sonja

The tour includes the visit to:
Smederevo Fortress - the biggest lowland fortress of Europe,
- Viminacium - one of the largest Roman cities above which no new settlement was built
- Golubac Fortress - one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses on the Danube where the Danube is widest (6,5 km)
Djerdap Gorge - the largest gorge in Europe where the Danube is deepest (92 meters)

- Lepenski Vir - archaeological site, the oldest urban settlement in Europe (7000 years BC).

- lunch at ethno-complexon the hill above Danube will be excellent refreshment
- cruise along Djerdap Gorge, or a light airplane flight over the Danube and Eastern Serbia.

Price: 70€ per person (minimum 2 persons)
Duration: 12 hours
Price includes: transfers by car or coach, entrances to Smederevo Fortress, Viminacium and Lepenski Vir and services of the professional tour guide in English
Not included: Lunch
Departures: On request, at least 1 day prior

Oplenac Royal complex tour with wine tasting

Explore typical "Rebellious Serbia" at homeland of Djordje Petrovic, called Karadjordje or "Black George", who led the 1st Serbian uprising against the Turks in 1804. and established present Serbian Royal Dynasty of Karadjordjevic. He is one of the biggest national heroes.

Photo: Balkan HolidaysPhoto: Balkan Holidays

The tour includes the visit to:
- Topola - former military base of Karadjordje

- Oplenac hill - the complex belonging to the Serbian Royal Dynasty Karadjordjevic
- Church of St. George with royal family mausoleum
house/museum of King Peter the 1st with family items
- Karadjordje house with his personal items and his church.
- Royal wine cellar - wine museum, with tasting Royal wines and buying the best wines from Royal vineyards.

Lunch at the national restaurant will be a real refreshment after great wines.

Price: 60 euro per person (minimum 2 persons)
Duration: 7-8 hours
Price includes: transfer service, all entrances at the Oplenac complex, wine tasting in Oplenac and services of the professional tour guide in English
Not Included: Lunch
Departures: On request, at least 1 day prior

Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci and Krusedol monastery

On the 80th kilometer north from Belgrade, over the E-75 highway is Novi Sad, the capital city of Autonomous Region Vojvodina.

Photo: pixabay / Danilo Krnjajicpixabay / Danilo Krnjajic

The tour includes the visit to:
- Novi Sad - walk through the center of the city, the Dunavska (Danube) and Zmaj Jovina street, City Hall, Freedom Square (Trg Slobode), The Name of Mary church, Catholic church, the house of Mileva Einstein – the wife of Albert Einstein, The Synagogue, Matica Srpska – the oldest cultural institution of Serbia and the city beach Strand
Petrovaradin Fortress - founded on the grounds of a medieval edifice, the fortress was built by the Austrians in the 17th and 18th century as pillar of defence against the invasion of the Turks. They call it the “Gibraltar of Danube”, because of its position. Today the fortress is famous for the most prestigious European music festival “Exit”.
- Sremski Karlovci, positioned on the slopes of Fruska gora, representing the true gem stone of Serbian culture and spirituality. With its baroque town lake, Patriarchy Palace, Congregational church of Saint Nikola and Catholic Church of Trinity, first Serbian gymnasium form 1881 and the library of the gymnasium of Karlovci, this is the town that earned its name "museum town".

Price: 60 euro per person (minimum 2 persons)
Duration: 8-9 hours
Price includes: transfer service, wine tasting in Sremski Karlovci, entrances in Chapel of Piece, sightseeing of Novi Sad and services of the professional tour guide
Not included: Lunch
Departures: On request, at least 1 day prior

For even more tours and trips download free Balkan Holidays brochure Balkan Holidays brochure.