The Point: Event management

Organization of weddings, business promotion planning and other activities can be very stressful if you are both the main actor of the event and the head of planning. You can focus on great mood, and everything else will do the agency for organizing events, protocols and managing digital communications for you.

From the idea, through the creation of the whole concept to the final realization, The Point Agency provides following services:

  • event organization (complete designing up to the tiniest details, complex research, matching goals, finding the best option, providing all services)
  • finding the best space for the event (comprehensive coordination resulting in the selection of an ideal location with enough parking spaces and accompanying services)
  • wedding organization (invitations, selection of restaurant, wedding decoration, schedule, protocol and absolutely everything that will make wishes come true)
  • accompanying services (selection of food and drinks, rental of audio and video equipment, graphic design, scenography, content creation, cooperation with emergency services and police, socially responsible waste management)
  • marketing campaigns (creating, launching, advertising, public relations, promotion and presentation on social networks)

  • project management (provision of required contracts, compliance with deadlines and budgets, calculation and insurance)
  • complete graphic and visual solution (strategic selection of the entire visual identity of your event)
  • organization of promotional events, such as "giveaway" actions
  • transport and logistics
  • selection of staff and volunteers (estimation of number of employees, communication, training)
  • "invisible" steps that guarantee a quality organized event
  • reports after the completed event (experiences, acquired knowledge, final accounting).
  • The point of existence of The Point collective is to create memories that you will never forget and to present your business in the best way. The first-class organization of large and small events is completely focused on the needs, demands and wishes of clients. Decades long experience guarantees success.