Winery, restaurant and hotel Skrbic

Restaurant, winery, accommodation complex, free parking, stay outdoors away from the crowds yet close to town. This is a unique place in Belgrade.

A concept that has the task of truly relaxing in a first-class way has been making those moments perfect for a long time. Come, be sure to come with your children. Adults will enjoy the charms of local wine from the Škrbić winery, which has been brewing magic for four decades and offers a perfect gastronomic experience. The children will be happy to stay outdoors, and when break time comes, they will be served royally.

Chicha Restaurant is widely known for its unique specialties. Old homemade recipes enriched with a modern look lets hedonism work its wonders. The elegant interior is exactly what you want when organizing a wedding or looking for space for corporate celebrations.

In places like this, where the weather doesn't mean much, lunch with family and friends becomes dinner in the blink of an eye. Postpone your return home and make yourself welcome at the hotel at the same address. Spend the night in one of the 15 fully equipped rooms plus a luxury suite that includes breakfast. Happiness is now called Skrbic.