Savski venac

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The name of the municipality Savski venac symbolizes its position more than any detail in history. The name is symbolic because the territory of the municipality, like a wreath on the right bank of the Sava River follows its course. This is one of the oldest and at the same time the central Belgrade municipalities. Savski venac, with its parts: Savamala, Senjak, Dedinje, Autokomanda, Fair and future "Belgrade Waterfront" are and always will be without doubt the most beautiful Belgrade landmarks.

Many things in Belgrade appeared for the first time just on the Sava wreath. From the first shops, the first markets, the first tavern, the first theatre, the first cultural and artistic society, the first hospital, the first tram line, the first ministry, including the first football club in Serbia. On Savski Venac today there is the Government of the Republic of Serbia and most ministries. The most important parts of traffic are located here. Belgrade bus station, the main Railway station, Belgrade Fair and all Belgrade's Sava River bridges. Mostarska petlja, Slavija Square and Autokomanda are the main traffic points, not only in Belgrade but also in Serbia.

Savski venac is also the center of education, art and culture. Many colleges, primary and secondary schools, the oldest and most valuable cultural and historical monuments, the most valuable architectural heritage sights are located right here. The Yugoslav Drama Theatre and the Student Cultural Center have always been of crucial importance for this town.

Wherever you live in Belgrade, and whatever you do, Savski venac can not be missed. All passengers, guests of Belgrade, those who are just in transit, those who have come to know the city and the residents and business travelers, all of them will walk down the main streets of Belgrade and see beautiful faces of Belgrade girls. World travelers who are headed to Belgrade to feel the spirit of old times and modern lifestyle in one place can experience the best night clubbing life in Eastern Europe, can taste the most delicious dishes, they can sleep in international hotels that opened their luxury doors and Savski venac will definately be on their route.