A film should be made about this restaurant because it is almost impossible to describe a place in the city center that has existed for more than seven decades. Walls decorated with framed posters of the world and biggest domestic music stars hide many important events, historical and even more personal. If you get closer, you will see that there is an original ticket from the artist's concert in each frame.

If you take your time, you will find out how people had fun here in the last century. You will discover that the lower part of the restaurant is associated with lagumi - Turkish word for underground passage or basement. You will hear an incredible story about the guests of all social classes who were then and are now regular guests. Regardless of the fact that they can pay whatever they wish for, they celebrate the most important dates in Polet because there is no problem here if you break a glass. It is not a problem even if you are not in the mood for talking. Although, you will hardly get out of here indifferent or dissatisfied.

The greatest concern after closing and complete adaptation was whether the new philosophy would understand the "old" habits. All wishes were granted. Famous sprats in Polet were the reason for going out, the path to conquering the heart and the overture for nightlife. When the restaurant was reopened on 10th January 2017, after the renovation, and presented a new page of history, everybody was absolutely delighted. Everything is as it used to be, just nicer. The sprats are still in the menu.

First of all, this is a restaurant where perfect food is imperative. Fish soup is prepared with sea fish, squid are available in even four ways. From breakfast, through pure meat portions, to Serbian cuisine and grill - everything is at your disposal. With every meal you will receive advice what wine fits best. No, you will not pay a fortune for excellent service, tastes and aromas. Accessibility for everyone is the main motto.