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According to the project from 1843, the Flower Square was the Flower Market. Prior to the construction of the market, the entire area was covered with oak woods and spread all the way to Manjez Park. The city was evolving, needs were changing and a decision was made to build a market building in 1884 and to shorten to local population the journey to Zeleni venac Market.

After the World War II, the market building was renovated and in 1958, the first supermarket in Belgrade was built. In the eighties of the 20th century, the whole square was adapted. Probably because of the name, the central place in the sales facilities belonged to a flower shop. In front of the supermarket there is still the oak, "living" monument to the former look of this part of the city.

In the end of 2015, the reconstruction of the Flower Square, which today represents one of the most beautiful squares in Belgrade, was completed. Modern look also includes functionality so the free Internet is provided. The prominent Serbian writer Borislav Pekic got a monument right here. Attractive location in the city center has been enriched by quality restaurants and bars. The Flower Square provides cosmopolitan enjoyment, but in a special, Belgrade manner.