Museum of Science and Technology

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The Museum of Science and Technology in Belgrade is an institution of national importance. The primary activity is the collection, research, protection and presentation of scientific and technical goods in order to raise the level of awareness about the importance of these activities, as well as the popularization of science and modern scientific achievements. This museum is a base of institutions dealing with the protection of the scientific and technological heritage of Serbia and operates according to the principle of "museum scattered across the country". The Association of Scientific-Technical Museums was founded in 1991, as a result of the joint initiative of the people who led the museums in Serbia, led by Professor Aleksandar Despic, who is the founder and President of the Museum Community. The aim of the community is to integrate such institutions and improve work. To date, 18 museums and collections have joined associations that form a unique network.

The community representation is in the Museum of Science and Technology that deals with organizational and administrative matters. In order to improve the methodology of museum work on the protection of scientific and technical heritage, the museum has developed standards for the processing of technical cultural goods used in all Community museums. Occasional exhibitions show previous work results through individual or group exhibitions.

The important activity of the museum in the field of cultural heritage protection covers the various fields of history of science and technology, which are grouped into 16 professional sections. The names of professional sections determine the nature of museum collections within the following sections: audio-visual techniques; Measuring and calculating; Communications; Materials and technology; Mechanical engineering and mechanics; Electricity, electrical engineering and modern electronics; Energy; Architecture and civil engineering; Transport and traffic; Man and his environment; History of medicine; Astro-geo science; Automation and robotics; Industrial heritage protection and industrial design.

Permanent settings of the Museum of Science and Technology are 2 rounds, Children's Museum, Scientific Center, Medicine in Serbia through centuries and Museum of Spa Treatment.