Vozarev Cross

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An eminent bookshop owner and printer, Gligorije Vozarevic (1790-1848), in his field on Vracar, in 1847, built a red cross embellished with icons. The symbol of victory and freedom is also the first public monument in Belgrade, after which the part of Vracar received the name Red Cross. In 1933, the municipality of the city renewed the monument, which to this day has kept the same look.

Completely modest, in its original edition, the monument was made of wood with the inscription "To God and people Gligorije Vozarevic 1847 at Vracar". The icons were hung on the cross. There was the icon of the Holy Trinity on one side, and on the other, the icon of St. George because Gligorije Vozarevic celebrated Djurdjevdan (St. George Day). "Srbske novine", the official media of the Principality wrote about this undertaking. It was then believed that the relics of Saint Sava were burned in that place. After the death of Gligorije Vozarevic, the property was inherited by his wife Sara, who bequeathed all her property to the Palilula church.