The Mediterranean chic is coming on the Sava Quay in classy manner. Bar and restaurant wants to spoil guests even more with its offer. Impressive vine offer, specialties of skilled bartenders and gastronomical offer that enthralls all the senses make this place a special one in the city. Big and comfortable garden, that looks like an elite resort, is the main gathering place for people of refined taste in summertime.

The entry to this boat-based bar is a special welcome. A gentleman, like from the Italian high fashion magazines, greets the ladies and their mothers, friends, the guys who are carefully looked at and who cause that little smile on the edge of the lips, the older generations and all the devotees of a beautiful life. In the style of the great prophets, he knows exactly what is the best place for you, he certainly knows to recommend the best cocktail but leaves it to perfect staff. As often as you visit Corso, the incredible ambiance and great atmosphere can never be overcome and bored.