Little Eataly



An Italian food store and a very special food bar where Italy lives to the fullest. With all gastronomic and hedonistic senses. For portion of taste and aroma of Italy, one no longer goes to Rome. You do not even have to pretend to be Roman. Everything you imagine and everything you have ever dreamed of is in the center of Vracar. Welcome to the true Italian home.

Truly original, 100% made in Italy is guaranteed by the important and, unattainable for many, "Marchio Ospitalita Italiana certificate awarded by the National Institute for Tourism Research - ISNART. It is a seal that eliminates all doubts regarding the origin of foods, high standards of quality and preservation of traditional recipes. So get ready to experience true, iconic specialties like nowhere else in town.

Every day, typical Italian breakfast is available, sumptuous appetizers that have the power to depict the atmosphere from the hot south, handmade pasta, incredible fusions of meat and vegetables. Carefully selected and always fresh sea fish wake up the unrepeatable Italian passion. Perfect cakes will tell more than words that every part matters in this one and only Italian oasis. Italian cakes, of course.

As expected, the wine offer wins over at the first sip. Just like coffee and every beverage in the menu. The best news comes next! Every serving of food from this magical kitchen is also available outside the magnificent interior. Perfect bowls provide safe transport to your home, office or wherever you want an authentic meal. The impressive gastro galaxy changes known eating rules. Do not let others enjoy more than you. Bon appetit.