Campania Pizza Gourment


OPENS AT 12:00

Restaurants and West 65. One of the most luxurious places that give New Belgrade its metropolis status. Right now you are discovering the only place that will clench your thirst for traveling to Italy, everyone's favorite Naples. The pizza you dreamed and listened to from world travelers about is right here. From now on, you are the expert in the company of others for information about delicious Italian cuisine.

The azure sea, cheerful spirit, ideal atmosphere, always a smile, and easygoing attitude are the elements that make the Naples region so adored. That same energy lives in a house of great food and entertainment named Campania Pizza Gourment.

Every pizza is made from dough from the Amalfi region made on stone mills. The diva of the menu, Napolitana pizza made from the prestigious "Mollini Pizzuti" flour. The peeled tomato is not delivered by a local distributor, but once again by Italians. Wines also come from the same geographical location, Campania.

The whole menu is signed by Pizaioli, members of the prestigious "Associazione pizzaiuoli Napoletani" association for preparing Napoletana pizza. If we take into account that the chef is a lady who has acquired her knowledge throughout Italy, it is crystal clear that uniquely fine food is prepared and served here. However, this is not the end of exclusives. Read carefully: the only pasta in the world with the geographical origin from ITG, is Pasta di Gragnano and it is available here and nowhere else in the city.

Pizzas and pasta that can only be called a perfect ten. According to the international cuisine lovers Made in Italy of course. Ragu Napoletano or more often called Neapolitan classic is a specialty worthy of the attention it gets. Beef stewing in tomato sauce for four hours and grated Padano cheese will make you always come back to this meal. Beefsteak "Cacciatore" is an equally important reason to postpone lunch anywhere else. Although if you are down for something more casual, make sure to choose one of the salad meals. Do not miss out on any of the "perfect ten" meals, not even on accident. Don't even think about skipping desserts.

When you love your job it is no longer work but it is your life. The love for quality nutrition, like any true love, cannot stay hidden or go unnoticed. When every guest you have is the most important one then every chair is always reserved. When you discover that there is such a restaurant in Belgrade, then you immediately pick up the phone and book a table. Hurry up, you are not the only ones who know about this polished gastronomic pearl.