The restaurants that Vracar has to offer are truly good. However one stands out in particular. Nebojsa in Nebojsina street. Just opened in June of 2022, but will exist forever. National cuisine in a modern version, the perfect ambiance, a spacious garden rich in greenery, an impressive wine list, pet-friendly, and extraordinarily friendly staff. On a busy street, the building with the number six is where your second house is. Your place for an ideal good morning, quality day, or even a romantic evening. A place made for business meetings and celebrations alike, that will be remembered for a lifetime.

An excellent fusion of old recipes and modern ones makes the menu a piece of literature that you will enjoy from start to finish. Homemade sweet and savory snacks for breakfast such as stuffed przenice, oatmeal with Greek yogurt as a healthy option after waking up, as well as hazelnuts and fresh fruit. That is just a small part of what awaits you until noon. Appetizers, soups and stews, seasonal salads and meal salads, house specialties, cooked dishes, kebabs, and fish. Everything is prepared using the best ingredients, with great care and knowledge.

This is not just a beautifully decorated place. This is a restaurant created so that every moment is a special moment. Prepare your palms for a round of applause as the now famous Nebojsa lamb arrives in front of you. Young lamb roast from Pester cooked in cream sauce with potatoes is something widely talked about around town.

The center of Belgrade offers almost everything you can imagine. Apart from relaxing places with landscaped green spaces. The garden of this restaurant is just like a dream. You will forget about everything as soon as you set foot in it. In the company of a partner, friend, or pet, a relaxed time is guaranteed. With a selection of drinks, including well-known domestic brandies, premium foreign and domestic drinks, and wines from prestigious wineries, you will experience the kind of enjoyment only possible in your dreams, until now at least.