Extravagance for everyone. For every day. It is not necessary to wait for that important day on the calendar because this address creates a fantasy from an ordinary day. This is the place where all roads merge into one. Exactly where the discovery of Belgrade magic begins. A location that is impossible to bypass. The first step in the story that makes you love the capital. Plato is a restaurant for adventurers, hedonists, students. A place where there is no place only for a negative impression.

Gourmand dilemma starts with breakfast. Homemade French toast, salty and sweet donuts, kacamak (polenta). If you thought that only those who do not think about weight are having breakfast here - you are wrong. The Fit Omelet is the first representative of a top healthy offer that found its place in the entire menu. Numerous, but endlessly delicious salads as well as incredible fusions of vegetables and meat will perfectly depict the spirit of the Mediterranean.

The very center of Belgrade would be unimaginably boring without the juicy kebab, veal broth, steak and Karadjorde's steak. Pasta, pizza and cakes. Just a small part of a large menu is reason good enough to book a place as soon as possible.

Homemade international cuisine is a favourite at any time of the year. Spiced up with great atmosphere and there you have an amazing restaurant.

When the time comes for the important moments, Plato Restaurant will become a unique space for all kinds of events just for you. The complete technical equipment combined with an experienced catering team guarantees that your corporate celebration, presentation or a big meeting will be according to the highest standards. Plato style birthdays and anniversaries are eternal memories. Without any exaggeration, this is the restaurant that makes Belgrade a metropolis. You should come right away.