Bistro Jazz Cafe



Luxurious. Absolutely authentic. It has been around for two decades and does not pay attention to current trends because it creates them. Both bar and bistro. And restaurant. All roads lead to this casual location. This is a place that makes you find parking space in the very center. If you want to experience the rhythm of the city live, you need to get to know this address.

The impressive menu knows no boundaries. Quality breakfast to everyone's taste and healthy diet eliminate any negative vibes. Promoters of a healthy regime have found their own oasis of gastronomy. If you cannot imagine a day without quinoa, hurry up because you will be delighted for sure.

Traditional kebabs are always in demand. These are followed by excellent meat specialties. Pasta and pizza will be an extra mouthful. Salad meals, fish, unbelievably interesting appetizers with which quality wines become the best. Everything is available except free space. So hurry to enjoy great urban experience.

The spice that makes Bistro Jazz Cafe always popular is the super modern ambiance. The perfect colour combination is a pure sensation for the sight. Beautiful ambiance is very useful here. You will be very comfortable while taking photos. Try it now.