Home for enjoying for all generations is located in a quiet part of Belgrade. The energy of daring Russians and their cordiality are something that is impossible not to feel among these walls. Exotic beer from Jamaica and Singapore is present every day because - why be classic when it can be different? Better and absolutely original. Yes, the whole world is under the same roof. Yes, for every good day.

You will come to this address often. You will find it endlessly interesting to explore the creative, fresh and modern interior of a real pub. You will rush even more eagerly to take your place because of great food. Pizza is baked in a wood-burning stove and barbecue comes to you right from the charcoal grill. Every bite is juicy. Each serving is the reason why staying in a relaxed galaxy will last longer than you planned.

Speed ​​up, step on the gas. Babuska Pub is a seriously good reason to leave the city center for a while and have a really good time. Forget the trends, now is the moment for the highest quality relaxation.

You will surely find beer for yourself. Babuska ustipak (doughnut-like fried dough balls), kebab, sausages cooked in many ways, great pizza and sandwiches are more delicious arguments than ever for lunch or dinner right here. Just choose good company and leave everything else to Babuska.