Beer and Belgrade. This could be the name of the song that all Belgrade citizens and all the guests of the city would love to listen to. There has been shipload of ​​your favourite barley beverage in the capital since long ago. Experienced beer-drinkers know that not every place for relaxation with beer and food is the same. One is completely different. It stops the time and all restrictions. Slow down and stop. Come downtown where the galaxy of urban hedonism is located.

Stanica is a bar. Stanica is a pub. Stanica is a modern restaurant. Stanica is a pre-party location. Immediately after the completion of obligations, Stanica is the first address where everyone should go. There are countless reasons.

Dozens and dozens of different beers are poured from one bar. Serious lovers of local, foreign, commercial and craft beer have created the menu. The result is amazing. Breakfast, powerful pieces of meat, juicy but light flavours and perfect desserts. As they found beer for everyone, they did the same with food. The specialties from this kitchen are not forgotten.

The interior has brought the atmosphere that is always in demand. Casual and trendy. With a magnificent selection of beers, perfect coffees are available just like any other beverage. A gossip party, a business meeting or a break from a fast pace. Getting ready for the night out. Birthday or marking an important date. You can do anything at Stanica. Except to leave quickly.