Sava River. Tempting. Sava quay. Perfect. Lake in the center. There is no mistake, in the center of events on the Sava quay there is a raft without which this part of the city would not what it is. Favorite by many. A handful of reasons. Take a walk or throw down the anchor. Choose a way to start the iconic relaxation on the river, but do not miss the opportunity to discover a place without which you will no longer be able to imagine a day or a night.

Boat-based club Jezero has been radiating with positive energy and a relaxed atmosphere for decades. Many people know that it is the place for absolute enjoyment here, therefore it is always crowded.

Don’t worry if your vacation plans to go to the sea failed. Pack the basics and come right here. Sunbeds, easy access to the river, and everything you may need for swimming on the Sava will be waiting for you. If you happen to be there at the right time, you might get lucky and have one of the guests take you by boat around the river. A better scenario for unplanned entertainment does not exist.

Coffee on the quay with a friend is considered a great activity. At this address top-quality beer in the best company instantly becomes a pastime to remember, especially when the live music starts. You simply do not miss out on live music at the lake.

You already have enough reason to head to the Lake. Bonus tip: come hungry because unbelievably delicious food is prepared here. Pizza in as many as eleven editions, focaccia with tomatoes, piroska, sandwiches in a bun or tortilla, bruschetta, appetizer Jezero, salad meals, sausages, french fries, sweet and salty pancakes make up the menu. Outstanding selection - pure gastronomic perfection.

You still haven't embarked on a boat-based club on the Sava that you will adore? What are you waiting for!