It is hard to find a "piece" of zone where enjoyment is everything. That is why quality relaxation is always in demand. In magnificent Belgrade, there is a place that makes it worthwhile to postpone your scheduled appointments and indulge in the most modern, yet completely relaxing rhythm.

Tennis rackets are not only for Novak Djokovic. Everyone who is moved by a small green ball is welcome in this house of tennis. When you show that you are in shape, move immediately from the field to a bar that you will not want to leave. From first-class coffee to quality fresh juices through an amazing offer of drinks for all generations - Privilege knows what you need at all times.

The interior is perfectly created, exactly as you imagine a place where stress and haste are not allowed. It is housed in an exterior where children can play safely and their parents enjoy the magic of Kosutnjak.

You do not need the perfect time. You do not even need best friends. At this address, every moment is perfect. In your favourite company or on your own, feel the unrepeatable energy. You will come back every day for a new dose of rest. That is a promise.

Whether you wish to celebrate birthday, success, any happy event or just to gather together with your family or closest friends. Choosing Privilege cafè will make sure your guests remember that event.