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The Arabic restaurant that Belgrade has been waiting for a long time finally exists. Lebanese restaurant with authentic aromas. The Middle East has dishes that have been talked about for days. Palestine, Jordan, Syria. Everything you dreamed of being in these countries for, is now here. In the heart of Dorcol. Downtown. Couldn't be closer.

The Halal certificate guarantees that each ingredient is carefully stored and that the entire process of food preparation is in accordance with the highest of norms. When it comes to quality, here you are one hundred percent sure that you are consuming the best.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Every single one of those is ready for you at any time. Leave the familiar flavors aside and indulge in a completely special galaxy of servings. Shawarma, Jordanian Sajieh, Kofta bel bandora, Zein kabab, grilled tiger prawns are just a small part of the gala of options without which you will not last a day. As soon as you try. The same story applies to the sweet side of the menu.

Before you decide what you will surprise your palate, make sure to have a look at the hookah tastes available. Original hookah experience in the centre of Belgrade is even more of a reason to be seen in this place.

An ambiance in which the rules of modern and chic hedonism reign supreme will make you fall in love at first sight. The seemingly simple, but fantastically created space makes the time spent at this location remembered as positive and relaxing. Natural materials and numerous details with first-class service will very easily become your favorite spot.

This place did not come to be as some overnight idea. This is the fruit of love for the cuisine, for its tradition and culture. This was a mission to introduce distant gastronomic magic to the whole city. The chef is directly from Jordan. In addition to fond memories and many spices, he also packed decades of international knowledge into his suitcase. So there is an explanation to why every guest comes again.