Memorial Park Jajinci

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Shooting range in Jajinci stands out from all the other places for execution by number of victims and brutal methodology in liquidation and concealing crimes against innocent civilians. The preserved photos and statements of a small number of survivors testify to suffering and pain of Serbs, Jews, Roma and other hostages of fascist regime in Belgrade and Serbia. In the period from 8 November 1943 to 2 April 1944, the Gestapo conducted the organized exhumation and the burning of the remains of victims in order to remove the traces of mass crimes. The War Crimes Commission, formed immediately after the Second World War, after the investigation, gave the information that 80,000 people were killed at the shooting range Jajinci. The recent researches indicate the number of 65,000 killed. The Generals Peko Dapcevic and Vladimir Ivanovic Zdanov, commanders of troops that liberated Belgrade on October 20, 1944, laid the first wreaths at the place where mass executions were carried out, which represents even the first homage paid to innocent victims of fascist terror.

Memorial Park Jajinci consists of several segments and its formation started on July 7, 1951, by placing the monument at the entrance of the memorial complex. It was proclaimed a cultural monument – important place.