Both an amazing bar and a restaurant with international cuisine. An idyllic atmosphere where awakening with quality breakfast gets a completely different dimension. The secret recipe for an impeccable all-day entertainment attracts the entire city and its guests like the strong magnet. When the night falls, this becomes the location because of which clubs are no longer the main places for gathering. Positive energy, good music and top-notch cocktails will keep you at this address much longer than you planned.

Dragon culinary team is eagerly waiting for you to come hungry. Although from opening to closing very busy, they are approaching every order with incredible enthusiasm. Guests' wishes are an imperative and therefore the menu is updated regularly. The innovations you have to try are white polenta with cheese, forest mushroom soup, Mexican tortilla and gnocchi with homemade pesto and pieces of best chicken.

Rhapsody of tastes is guaranteed and if you opt for the best-selling specialties. Burgers, pasta, a creative combination of pure meat and vegetables, pizza, salads, risotto in three editions and original desserts are the best representatives of the Dragon gastro story. A story that began in April 2017. Definitely, this is a story that has no end.

Modern interior dictates the greatest enjoyment both in the entire area and in the large garden. Gala aesthetics is the result of understanding the need for relaxation in the 21st century. Exclusive materials and interesting fusion of colours have a therapeutic effect. You do not believe? Come, start by ordering a drink and start absorbing a perfection called Dragon Bar and restaurant. You will wonder what you have been doing so far. Do not look back. Make sure to be everyday guest at the place that appreciates you and your time.