For athletes. For recreation. For those who are starting working out tomorrow and those who are on a diet from Monday. For those who get up early and use the day. A bar that does not divide people into small and big ones. Neither into regular guests or random passers-by. Café Pauza is located right next to the Danube. Because of everything here, everyone feels great. Because everything is more than great here. Perfect zone without faking.

The sports center 25th May (SC 25. Maj), or Milan Gale Muskatirovic, is itself a popular part of the city. With this place, it has become a location that should not be missed. Rain, sun, wind or snow, it does not matter. It is only important that you arrive in time and take your place with a view of the river, order quality food, flawless drinks and indulge yourself with Belgrade's hedonism.

An outdoor children's playground is another advantage. While the kids play in space created only for them, you focus on charging batteries. Or creating a plan for evening entertainment. Yes, yes, every aspect of entertainment is available here.

Put off the stress. Take a break. Calm down. Relax. Live and breathe Belgrade. From the best perspective!