Carnival of ships 2017

The 13th Belgrade Carnival of Ships brings rich cultural-artistic programme and excellent entertainment on the rivers

Thursday 31st of August 2017

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Carnival of ships in Belgrade is organized on 2nd September, right between Branko's bridge and Gazela bridge, and the Sava promenade is a gathering place. The traditional manifestation aims to promote rivers flowing through Belgrade, the Danube and Sava, their potentials, nautical tourism, as well as raising ecologically and socially responsible awareness of the preservation of rivers and coastal areas.

The Belgrade Carnival of Ships is organized by the Tourist Organization of Belgrade, and for the 2017 edition, it announces a brilliant tour through diverse content. Except for the boats and other vessels, visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy rich cultural, artistic, entertainment and music programmes. Parachute acrobats, water skiing, dance performances, concerts of famous bands and numerous events will entertain the audience, while children's playgrounds and workshops with magicians and animators will entertain the youngest.

A city event that highlights the advantages and beauties of life on the river is of great importance to both the river and Belgrade tourism in general, since every year, a large number of foreign tourists and Belgraders are present at this event. The Sava promenade, a place where the carnival programme will be held, has become a favorite promenade alongside the city's rivers in a short period of time, which with its rich content and perfect location attracts a large number of visitors. The city of Belgrade, which is the patron of carnival, with events like this, is becoming the leading tourist destination in Europe, where an increasing number of tourists come from all over the world.