I have the most beautiful beard in the city 2017

A manifestation for real men

Thursday 30th of November 2017

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The event titled "I have the most beautiful beard in the city" is organized on 3rd December from 12:00 to 21:00. Dorcol Platz and "The Barbers" are organizers of the third in a row event dedicated to men's ornament that is very popular. The most beautiful beard pageant, professional advice related to care and cosmetics and the ability to change the shape of your beard on the spot are the content of this interesting events. Men will be able to compete in well-known games - arm wrestling and fast drinking of beer.

Women are also invited. Firstly, this is a great place to buy a beard care gift for a dear man. Secondly, you have the opportunity to vote for the candidate in the "Most Beautiful Bearded Man" pageant. A lot of fun, beautification and useful information will mark this interesting event.

Men who consider their beard to be worth looking at can apply for participation in the following categories via the organizer's e-mail: The Most Beautiful Beard, The Longest Beard, The Craziest Beard, The Most Beautiful Bearded Man chosen on the basis of women's votes, The Longest Mustache, The Best Beard in the Square Shape, The Best Goatee, The Best Styling and The Best Costume. A special category of "Proud Beard of Serbia" is intended for celebrities and voting for the best famous beard is open on the Internet.