Whiskey Fair 2017

Tasting whiskeys from all over the world, education and great fun

Thursday 23rd of November 2017

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The second whiskey fair is being held at Dorcol Platz on 25th and 26th November. Tasting of more than fifty kinds of whiskey, interesting workshops, lectures, music performances and entertainment programme are the content of the only event in Belgrade dedicated to this alcoholic drink. Manufacturers, experienced connoisseurs and whiskey lovers will be able to get to know each other better and to exchange experiences.

Whiskey can be drunk straight, on the rocks, with soda, cut or mixed with other drinks. In addition to classical consumption, the most famous city bartenders will prepare special cocktails with whiskey and give useful advice. All visitors will be able to try their luck playing the famous Black Jack, to have fun with billiard, and men will be able to dress up in a retro barber shop. Also, a whiskey quiz will be organized, and the best can expect worthy prizes.

The first fair was visited by more than two thousand people who tasted over 5,000 glasses of whiskey. Organizers of events, the regional marketing agency MPG SouthEast Europe promises positive atmosphere and good energy for this edition as well. The best-selling kind at the last year's fair was a blend of whiskey, while Single Malt 2 stand brought together the most interested ones. We will wait and see if the taste of Belgrade has changed.

Interesting facts about whiskey

1. Whiskey is beer that has been distilled several times. One distillation institute in America reveals that whiskey is obtained by multiple distillation of beer.

2. True whiskey lovers do not put ice. Adding ice reduces the temperature and reduces the full flavour. Experts advise that if you want chilled whiskey, better add a few drops of cold water.

3. The name of the whiskey comes from the Celtic word uisce beatha which means the water of life. As it was difficult for pronunciation, it was renamed into fuisce and Ireland, always a big manufacturer, has influenced and renamed it in well known name.

4. Setting whiskey on fire. The Scots used to set whiskey on fire to determine the percentage of alcohol. The colour of the flame revealed whether the content of the alcohol was too large, and if it was, whiskey was sold to workers at the lower price.

5. Jack Daniels escaped from home at the age of six, and a priest taught him how to make whiskey. He opened a factory when he was only 16 years old and his real name was Jasper Newton Daniel.

6. Nikola Tesla drank one whiskey every day because he believed that he would live 150 years.

7. One Chinese paid a glass of whiskey exactly 8,733 euros at a bar in St. Moritz. It is the Scottish whiskey Macallan from 1878.