Talija at Sava Center

Cultural heritage of Serbia on the Great Scene

Sunday 21st of January 2018

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The Art Center "Talija" organizes a magnificent concert at the Sava Center on 28th January from 18:00. The occasion for great event of great cultural and artistic importance is a great jubilee, the celebration of twenty years of successful national and international career.

Serbia is a country of tradition and turbulent history. There is no way to avoid some form of traditional arts, dance and music during your stay in this part of the Balkans. Serbia boasts that almost every town has its own cultural artistic association that cherishes traditional dances, songs and customs. Like the Lord of the Dance, the Art Center "Talija" with its choreographies, music and historical stagings, exceeds the physical boundaries of the climate from which it originates and often brings audiences to other countries and continents.

Nevertheless, the celebration of twenty years of existence will be marked by features of players, singers and orchestra of the UC "Talija" that conquered world scenes - Serbian traditional dances and songs. The UC "Talija" was established in 1998 and today, it can boast a team of over four hundred members who performed on all continents. How well-played they are speaks the fact that five performing ensembles have circa four hundred public appearances a year. In Greek mythology, Thalia was one of the patrons of art and with this concert, the UC "Talija" will show how it protect and cherish the cultural heritage of Serbia.