The Moscow Circus on Ice

Spectacular acrobatics on ice

Monday 8th of January 2018

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The Moscow Circus on Ice is organized at the Sava Center on 15th January from 20:00. The big hall will host the top dance troupe with a history of existence longer than half a century, which is part of the "Moscow Nikulin" circus. Artistic acrobatics on ice bring a circus atmosphere and all of its elements have been seen by more than 200 million viewers in over fifty countries so far. Premiering in Belgrade is a manifestation that will delight audience of all ages.

Famous Russian director Arnold Arnold entered the experimental project in 1962 with the idea of ​​merging film, top artists, acrobatics and circus into a unique performance. The premiere of the "Moscow Circus on the Ice" followed two years later. Forty-seven artists amazed the audience on 16th October 1964 with great technical support, musicians and directors. The first tour was sold out, and this troupe has absolutely moved the boundaries of art through entertainment.

After the creative director and project launcher passed away, his place was taken in 1969 by Natalia Abramova. She worked primarily on developing the artists, then as a leading performer and since 1999, she has been a manager and art director. For all the years under the leadership of Natalia, the troupe has won numerous awards around the world. The crowded halls show that an art that preserves tradition and develops new forms has an audience all over the globe.