Top 5 Serbian wines

For enjoying, for seduction, for happiness that only good wine can bring

Saturday 10th of February 2018

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The ritual of wine drinking has existed for centuries. Every time of the day in each season is the ideal moment for enjoying the charms of a quality favourite wine. In recent years, winemakers from Serbia have seriously taken the market competition and the fine taste of each consumer. For a short period, wines with the label "made in Serbia" conquer not only the local area, but also the neighbouring countries, and the experienced Italians and the French have only words of praise for domestic varieties.

The quality of drinks, the perfect aesthetics of packaging and affordable prices create an excellent trend - local wines that are proudly drunk. Awareness of the information about what to drink is present at a high level and reliable information is easily accessible. We highly recommend, from experience, the top five Serbian wines you can enjoy. The review of experienced bohemians is ahead of you. Cheers.

1. Tri Morave - winery Temet

The winery is located in Lozovik, near Jagodina. Sumadija is famous for its quality of soil and climate. This is where wine that rules the Belgrade wine scene is produced. Smederevka, Tamjanika and Morava make a mixture that creates a great taste. Light wine, liberated from "heavy" elements fits perfectly with a variety of dishes.

2. Aurelius - winery Kovacevic

Dry red wine of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. It comes right from Fruska Gora. The spectacle from Srem, which only Vojvodina has, has been a recognizable brand for a long time. This wine is recommended with a beefsteak and "stronger" red meat. Frankly, it goes well with the vegetable risotto as well.

3. Sonata Icone - winery Jeremic

The variety Sauvignon Blanc with addition - the special oak Icone that is grown in France, has brought a unique taste of high quality white wine. Winery Jeremic is actually family love for wines that has existed since 2010 and is located in Smederevo. The most modern way of production has brought the wine of perfect taste. It goes well with pasta, and barbecue keeps it a great company.

4. Kremen Kamen - winery Matalj

Unrepeatable charm from Negotin. This wine has won many prestigious awards. It is quite justified because it wins over already at first sight. The seductive dark ruby ​​colour, full taste and excellent smell are the shortest definition of a specific red wine. Cabernet Sauvignon elegantly inebriates 100% and it goes well with the range of kinds of cheese and bruschetti with prosciutto. This is one of those wines that have the power to change the perception in a more favorable direction.

5. Tri roze koze - winery Erdevik

A very popular wine of creative name has won many lovers of rose wine very quickly. The winner in this category of wine is of light taste, created from the combination of the following varieties: Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Simpler - potable light wine for every recommendation. The colour is perfectly combined with the name. The chic innovation of the luminous colour and fruit flavour specially accepted by the ladies. It is like made for Caesar's salad and fruit cakes.

Extra recommendation

This wine is not from Serbia, but it was created thanks to the Serbian woman. Marina Cvetic found the love of her life in Italy. Completely fascinated by his dear, Italian Gianni Masciarelli called the whole line (the highest quality one) after her. Marina Cvetic is a range of wines from the "Masciarelli" winery created by Gianni's grandfather that is known across the world. After the death of her husband in 2008, the woman from Belgrade took the highest position in the company that produces more than two million bottles of wine annually. She regularly visits her city and admits that she enjoys quality Serbian wines.