What to do in Belgrade this spring - 2018

Plan for the perfect spring day

Saturday 24th of March 2018

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Spring is definitely a Belgrade brand. With the first warm sunshine, each cafe, bar, restaurant and even a bakery opens a "summer" garden, although it is the beginning of the spring season. Belgrade spring is a specialty that must not missed - open air parties, the latest shopping offers, parties, concerts, everything. But there is something special about wandering around the town.

Especially if you turn everyday public transport into a special pleasure. A free tourist programme for sightseeing Belgrade by tram with a tourist guide for tourists but also for residents of the capital can be a completely new and beautiful experience. Every Friday and Saturday, Belgrade reveals you secrets in the famous "krug dvojke" (the route of the famous tram line number 2). The ride starts at the Zoo.

Through the centuries, the turbulent history of the city has taught its inhabitants to push the past under the ground. That is why it is particularly attractive walk down the underground Belgrade. Caves, underground passages, walled rivers, tunnels, bunkers - like you are on a movie set and in fact you are exploring the Belgrade Fortress. The legends about Belgrade from the Roman, Austrian and Turkish period and 19th and 20th centuries will capture your imagination. From the Roman Hall and the foundation of the Roman fortress from the 2nd century to the Cominform ("Communist Information Bureau") bunker, everything is there, spiced with spy scandals, political games before and after the World War II.

Gunpowder warehouse, lapidarium, sarcophagi, tombstones, altars, underground winery - do you get the picture? You just need to use clapperboards and your movie spectacle can start. Spring clock change gives you an extra hour, but when tasting wine at the end of the tour, who cares what time it is.