Belgrade Marathon 2018

The most famous sports event in Belgrade is coming closer. If the shape is not at an enviable level - sneakers and a smile for a different party in the city center. Attendance required

Sunday 8th of April 2018

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The 31th Belgrade Marathon will be held on 21st April, but Belgrade is already running at full speed. Preparations are underway, as well as accompanying motivational, humanitarian and promotional programmes. Already on Saturday, 14th April, at the Zoo Children's Marathon will be held where the 400,000th participant of the race of the youngest is expected. Right overture for BG Marathon 2018.

In the categories of the 42,195 km marathon and the 21,1 km half-marathon, there will be more than 6,000 runners from 70 countries, and the organizers announce that the last year record will be broken. More than 20,000 participants are expected in the Fun Run (5 km) race. Within the Belgrade Marathon there will be a special pleasure race - "Mama fit concept", and there will also be a race called "I run for healthy lungs - let's win asthma". All races start in front of the National Assembly.

This year's promoter of the 31st Belgrade Marathon is Henry Rono, an athlete from Kenya, who in 1978 set four world records for 81 days and thus entered the list of incredible athletes. After Easter holiday, it is not a waste of time to move a bit, so despite the fact that most of us do not run if no one is chasing us, start with an accelerated training and sign up for a marathon.