The Belgrade Manifest 2018

The fourth in a row festival of manifestations, destinations and tasting at Kalemegdan

Sunday 20th of May 2018

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The Belgrade Manifest 2018 will be held at the Belgrade fortress from 25th to 27th May. This is the largest regional family festival that promotes city attractions, tourism, culture, beauty, health, entertainment for children and traditional gastronomy. The "Festival of all festivals" aims to gather whole families and friends in one place and make sure everyone enjoys their entertainment zone.

The programme of this year's attractive manifestation will take place in five stages and it is divided into fourteen categories - Serbian Advantages, Craft & Food land, Traditional, Wine City, Limengrad - imagination can do anything, The real world around us, Dancing meadow, Fly Fly, The cinema is working again, Beauty and health, Panorama café, Black Horses, Children education on traffic safety and the Zone dedicated to the biggest caravan in Serbia "Izadji mi na teglu" - competition in ajvar cooking.

Belgraders and guests of the city will have the opportunity to have fun with film screenings, music concerts, traditional and modern dances, to taste quality wines, craft beers and delicious specialties of Serbian cuisine. Be sure to come with children because the programme for the youngest is especially interesting. The manifest promotes the overall tourist offer of Serbia, and almost every municipality will present its cultural, historical and gastronomic wealth in an imaginative and creative way. Also, the tourist offer of European countries, diplomatic representations and embassies will be presented to the visitors.

The Belgrade Manifest 2018 is in the sign of the campaign "Manifest - every can counts". The socially responsible campaign #manifestujse is being realized in front of TC Usce where people are collecting cans for recycling, and each recycled can brings points for winning prizes. The symbol of the great city event for all generations is the large colourful balloons for flying. The sightseeing of the city from the hot air balloon is an incredible feeling, and this festival is a unique opportunity to enjoy a special view of Belgrade.