Belgrade Rollerblade Competition 2018

Whole Belgrade on wheels

Thursday 7th of June 2018

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The 21st Rolerijada Plus (Rollerblade competition) starts at the Republic Square on 9th June at 10:00. The sports and entertainment manifestation for the 2018 edition "enhanced" the programme and offers new contents but also new rules. All interested riders will have the opportunity to show their skills in several zones.

The most numerous and most attractive is the Family Zone, and everything - rollerblades, scooters, tricycles, bicycles without pedals and bicycles with four wheels. The race takes place on the Republic Square around the pedestrian islands, and a little older riders will present their skills down the Vasina Street to the bus stop and back. In Vasina Street there will be a pitch where rollerblade hockey tournament will be held in the so-called Hockey Zone. In the Obstacle Course Zone, cyclists and scooter riders aged 7 to 12 years will show skill and speed on a given route with obstacles.

The Slalom Zone is reserved for children and young people from 7 to 16 years old who will show skiing on rollerblades down the Kolarceva Street. The Fun Zone on the stage in the square will be in charge of good entertainment, attraction, great rhythms and atmosphere. The competition of the best dance clubs from Serbia Belgrade Dance Fusion 2 presents the most awarded dancers and champions in dance styles such as salsa, acrobatics, hip hop, break dance, disco, capoeira, street dance and many others.