Day in Belgrade: city events

Postpone all planned activities on Friday and Saturday and enjoy great manifestations in the city

Thursday 7th of June 2018

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Under the slogan "Zvizduk u 8" the 9th Belgrade Latin Marathon is organized in the Republic Square on 8th June. Representatives of all Latin dance schools from Belgrade and Serbia will show their most attractive junior and senior couples. Guests from the neighbouring countries are announced, and after professional appearances, the Latin party in the Square will take you to a new day. This event is a crown to all dance evenings, workshops and festivals held throughout the year having dance in focus.

Belgrade boasts a wealth of architectural styles. One of them is secession - the influence of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. As part of the exhibition "Secession - Freedom of Creation", the Belgrade City Museum and the Beauty of Life Club created a walk dedicated to the secession architecture in Belgrade on Saturday, 9th June from 11:00. From the Turkish town to the European capital, through stories, anecdotes, expert comments and on-the-spot analysis, art historians Majda Sikosek and Angelina Bankovic are walking with you through Belgrade. Find out more about buildings, but also people, times and social movements at authentic locations.

The 13th Dorcol Flea Market takes place on 9th June from 11:00 to 19:00. Socializing at Dorcol Platz starts in the courtyard on the first stall out of seventy that have been announced. Among them there are also those with special little things, because buying any item helps providing food for abandoned dogs and cats. Greet the old exhibitors and get to know the new ones. Bring your friends, children and pets and take part in shopping retro way.