The Grand Opening Celebration of the National Museum

The building that keeps the treasure of Serbia is opening its doors on Vidovdan at 21:00

Saturday 23rd of June 2018

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After more than fifteen years of reconstruction, the National Museum in Belgrade will be open to visitors on 28th June. The promoter of the campaign "Da li se (pre)poznajemo?" (Do we know each other?) is Ukrainian Sergei Polunin, one of the most famous ballet artists of today, choreographer and actor. With promotional video, this artist, who connects the East and the West, will promote Serbian cultural heritage all over the world.

The National Museum opens its doors with a permanent setting that chronologically encompasses historical and artistic artefacts from the Palaeolithic to the 20th century. The setting will be placed on 5000 square meters of exhibition space on three levels of the building. The audience will have the opportunity to see the priceless collection of over 400,000 works preserved by one of the oldest cultural institutions in Serbia.

Among them is the Miroslavljevo jevandjelje (Miroslav's Gospel), the most important monument of Serbian literacy, the paintings of Paja Jovanovic, Sava Sumanovic, Nadezda Petrovic. During the reconstruction, the museum collection expanded, and series of guest thematic exhibitions and settings in Serbia and Europe made the works available to the audience. However, a complete collection will be available only now on the premises of the National Museum.

In the National Museum building there used to be a bank with two vaults, which today have been turned into an exhibition space. There is a part of the numismatic collection in those vaults. On the first floor there is a medieval art and Serbian art of the 18th and 19th centuries. The second floor is dedicated to the works of foreign art that the audience has not seen for a long time, and there is a selection of the works of Serbian and Yugoslav art of the 20th century. During the first few days, the entry will be free of cost because of the great interest.