Top food for the summer

What to eat when you get enough of raspberries, peaches, cherries and seasonal vegetables

Friday 22nd of June 2018

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The summer 2018 in Belgrade finally arrived. Longer days and warmer nights are ideal for socializing outside well-known four walls, going to numerous city events or outdoor activities. Now is the time of the year that brings real enjoyment that has long been awaited. Food is often a reason for a meeting, and for many people, lunch time is favourite part of the day. Trends in nutrition that will mark the summer season have arrived in the city.

Restaurants and bars in Belgrade are following the innovations from the world gastronomic scene and present them in a great edition. What is rarely found in global culinary, and in the capital of Serbia is very represented, are organic products of domestic producers. Restaurants that buy directly from farms the healthiest raw materials guarantee quality and originality. In the summer, people eat more often but less, and the best you can do for yourself is to eat healthy.

Avocado "madness" continues this season as well. Popular tropical fruit is available at every step, in every form. Fresh, like juice or spread, meat supplement - it is everywhere. Whoever likes to explore tastes, here is a proposal. White meat lovers can refresh chicken habits in pineapple sauce. With this specialty, only the sombrero and the sea are needed to make everything perfect.

The Vegan diet continues to prevail. Since this concept is based on the consumption of raw foods, now it is time for it. If you regularly shop at the markets in Belgrade, you do not have a problem with the selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Apart from buying what you probably did not plan, you will feel the magic of bargaining and trade without the expiration date. There are no stuffy salesmen, but there are hardworking people who value every customer. A great way to get back to retro Belgrade.

Serbian cuisine. For familiar tastes of home, every season is ideal. We recommend that you do not exaggerate with quantities. How easy it is to give this kind of advice, it is even easier not to take it. The summer is like made for Leskovacka muckalica. Fresh peppers give a special flavour to meat. Fresh chili peppers are a great ally, but only for those who can stand hot and spicy.

Burgers. Absolute rulers of the Belgrade gastro scene. Creative chefs prepare them to become your favourite dish after the first bite. Where there is crowd, it means they are made of pure meat. Places where a hungry guest is the most important take care of every detail. Lepinje (flatbreads) are made on the spot, and the toppings are the result of serious research work.

Italian specialties. Pizza, pasta, salads with meat and everything that represents Italy as well as haute couture and Alfa Romeo are trendy. Light versions include less meat and dough, and much more fresh ingredients. Buon appetito!