A day in Belgrade: events in the city

Globally known madness - Guca Festival or city events. What do you choose for the weekend?

Thursday 9th of August 2018

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Every year in the second week of August, Serbia becomes the center of the trumpet world thanks to Dragacevo's trumpeter's assembly. Belgrade also offers an attractive programme for the following days. Not as loud as a trumpet but it is for every recommendation.

An exhibition of photographs "Podzemun" by Slobodan Stanisic and Vladimir Martinovic is opened at the gallery near the Millennium Tower at Gardos. The 18 exposed photographs show the underground passages of Zemun. There used to be shelters, warehouses, tunnels, spaces for various purposes. The exhibition is a part of the project "Undergrad" by a group of authors who have been doing research for ten years in order to protect the rich underground cultural and historical heritage of the capital. The exhibition is open until 22nd August.

Expectedly, in the following days, people will eat pretty well in Dragacevo, especially svadbarski kupus (sauerkraut) and barbecue, but Begrade will not be lagging behind when it comes to food. "Food Fest" takes place at Dorcol Platz on 11th and 12th August from 12:00 to 20:00. Buying food and drinks directly from small, yet excellent domestic producers, along with quality conversations about organic food and other flavours, will mark the gastronomic gathering at Dorcol.

If, however, all the roads for the weekend adventure lead to Guca - you can go by car, even better by bus. The 58th Trumpet Festival is organized 158 kilometers away from Belgrade. Guca Festival 2018 lasts from 9th to 12th August. It has everything - from morning prangija (kind of an old cannon) and awakening, to the presentation of competitors in folk costumes, performances of the orchestra in the competition, but also real parties under tents. And of course, great food. Before returning home, you must clear your head, because, in order to share memories of an unforgettable time, you have to arrive home safely.