The 57th October Salon

Reality from an artistic point of view

Saturday 15th of September 2018

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The 57th October Salon 2018, entitled "The Marvellous Cacophony", will be held from 15th September to 28th October at several locations in the city. The famous Belgrade event, which has been attracting attention throughout the country, but also far beyond the borders of Serbia for decades, this year also puts visual arts at the center of cultural and artistic events.

The programme of this year's Salon aims to present the idea of ​​diversity. Exhibitions, artistic performances, lectures, workshops, round tables, expert guidance and meetings will be realized in seven spaces. For six weeks, during the October Salon, the audience will meet even 68 artists and their accomplishments. They also participate in four art projects.

The Cultural Center of Belgrade is one of the locations that will host the artists Yoko Ono, Lary Bell, Erró, Ivana Basic, Jelena Mijic, Nemanja Nikolic and many others. At the prestigious event held in the Belgrade City Museum, Agnieszka Polska, Anicka Yi, Marie-Ange Guilleminot, Marta Jovanovic, Ian Cheng, Claude Rutault, Cindy Sherman, Sumakshi Singh, Tijana Kojic and numerous representatives of the world's modern art are also participating.

The Balkan capital of art, Belgrade, created the October Salon back in 1960. Complete visual art from the former Yugoslav scene had the opportunity to present itself to the local and foreign audience at this salon. Through decades of existence, the Salon has managed to survive and remain a prominent event that brings together outstanding artists, promotes art innovations and constantly promotes visual art. The continuation of philosophy follows with "The Marvellous Cacophony" that brings an artistic view of complex cultural, social and political events in the country and the world.