Autumn specialties

Cold weather is not really an ally for long walks in nature. That is why it is an ideal partner for tasting seasonal flavours

Friday 19th of October 2018

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Autumn is unpredictable. You never know whether Indian summer will dominate or long autumn rains. Now it is much more interesting to observe nature than people. With all its colours, it is incredibly beautiful and inspiring. They are somehow monotonous. These days, everyone needs an increased dose of positive energy. We have a great suggestion. Until the New Year's euphoria begins, give your time and appetite to autumn tastes. You will not make a mistake.

The first thing that comes to mind when speaking about taste of autumn is Mr. Ajvar. Each jar contains as much peppers and the accompanying ingredients as effort and love. This is well known to anyone who knows how to make ajvar. Whoever did not try, make sure to reserve the autumn 2018 for roasting peppers. Or to confirm coming to a restaurant with a Serbian cuisine as soon as possible. Ajvar + barbecue = autumn idyll. Simple mathematics for superior hedonism.

Pork baking returns to the scene after the summer break. There is no more criticism when the desire for tasting juicy meat is stated. Instead of a stern look, there is the question where to go for baking. Traditional restaurants, in addition to being able to accommodate guests like at home, with the same thrill try to make you always be delighted with good food portions.

There is a real firework of colours at the markets. One lady is extremely dominant. Big, healthy, delicious. It is used for preparing both salty and sweet food. It is bought whole or by piece. Pumpkin. Do not turn your head away from it, it is very important that you often eat it. All of you. A pumpkin potage is magical in these cloudy days. Pumpkin pie, sprinkled with powdered sugar is something you have to try this autumn.

You have all rights to go against the autumn gastronomic rules and eat completely different. A portion of exotic dish is guaranteed in Mexican restaurants. Spicy and hot as you wish, nutritious and totally authentic. Such tastes "boost" both the circulation and mood. Applause for excellent results. Some people were very happy with high temperatures and sunny hours. Flip-flops are now in winter sleep. So what. Do not be sad, but walk to restaurants serving seafood specialties. Summer on a plate? Why not!