New Year's helicopter ride

Exclusive news! Santa Claus does not live in Lapland anymore. He has been located on the heliport in Dobanovci

Saturday 3rd of November 2018

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Forget everything you know about Santa Claus. It is not true that he reads letters and e-mails throughout the year, and then prepares New Year's presents in the North Pole. Maybe he used to use sleigh and reindeer, but not anymore. The only truth is that he still has long beard and a red and white suit.

The most famous Santa is flying a helicopter in the 21st century. He managed to pass numerous tests at the "Helimaster" Helicopter School and become a member of the crew of the prestigious regional leader in flying - Balkan Helicopters. During December 2018 and January 2019, Santa Claus will personally fly a helicopter with you on board.

Tourist sightseeing of Belgrade by helicopter in the company of Santa Claus is an unforgettable experience. Regardless of whether you are living in or visiting Belgrade, panoramic sightseeing is a favourite among tourist tours. You can fly alone with Santa Claus or in a chosen company. It is the top suggestion if you have planned to ask your girlfriend to marry you or celebrate a certain jubilee this winter. In any case, expect the Serbian capital from height to remain deeply engraved in memory as the most beautiful memory.

If you are the owner of a company that regularly organizes New Year's parties, this is more than a good time. Corporate celebrations are well-known to everybody. And a bit boring. A different New Year's Eve will make you become the best boss of all time. The team in Dobanovci prepared special benefits and the possibility of any agreement for the companies.

In line with New Year's customs, Balkan Helicopters also organizes attractive gift-giving. Parents who want to delight their children can apply for the "Spectacular Welcoming Santa Claus" event. On the occasion of the New Year 2019, children as well as adults, who come to heliport, will never forget this gathering.

The best Serbian pilots fly "Robinson R44" and "Robinson R66" helicopters. The maximum number of passengers is three persons plus a pilot. Current offers are:

- Panoramic flight by helicopter - 15 minutes

- Belgrade panorama / Belgrade in front of you - 30 minutes

- Panorama Zemun - The Great War Island - 30 minutes

- Panoramic flight to Avala - 45 minutes

- Ultimate Belgrade Experience - Belgrade peak - 60 minutes

- Adrenaline tour of the Belgrade panorama with a parachute jump

- Belgrade panorama package from the air and from the river

Every tour is organized in Serbian and English. The height of the flight is from 150 to 300 meters above the ground. Flying is available throughout the year. It is not possible only when there are abundant precipitation, strong winds or thick fog.

Balkan Helicopters, apart from offering authentic tourist tours, have certified services such as advertising and airborne surveillance, photo shooting and laser scanning. Professional, safe and absolutely different getting to know Belgrade.