All about wine. For everybody

You do not have to like wine. But you do have to come to a very special place. As soon as you get there, you will know why

Friday 21st of December 2018

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Charge your batteries, gather your friends and go to the Belgrade wine tour. Totally uninformed or fully informed - it does not matter. This address has more than 2,000 wine labels from as many as 23 countries. If you are a tourist, and at the top of the research list are Serbian wines, you are reading the best recommendation on where to come. You will find it hard to find another place that offers nearly 500 wines from Serbia. The whole world of wine in just one space.

Activating the alarm for hedonism starts immediately at the entrance. Vine & Pleasure is not only a well-known winery with working experience longer than a decade. It is a home for lovers of Serbia, its customs and products. A wide range of foreign labels first passed strict classification and only then became part of the offer. The business formula is far from mere trade and the principle "hello, here you are - goodbye". And it does not matter if you came to buy the cheapest or most expensive bottle of wine, every customer is treated the same way. Because you, in fact, are not a buyer. By entering this space, you have become part of an amazing and extremely hardworking family.

You cannot find bad wine. You can only "miss" your choice. But do not worry. A professional and always good-humoured team is always present. To not let even a single sip be fiasco. With wine you will find special gifts, handmade souvenirs, best Serbian delicacies. Corporate gifts, birthday gifts, gifts for holidays, important dates and intimate jubilees - just say what you want. And take enough time to decide. It will not be easy.

Exclusively knowledge, honest effort and endless work can create place like this. It did not take them too long to win over the market. For years, they have been synonym for purchase of wine. Then the story spread. In the right direction.

Tasting hall is a complete innovation. Separated from the wine cellar, it provides peace and the opportunity to focus on enjoyment. The capacity is for up to 40 places. You will recognize, more than enough. Choose: do you want to schedule an attendance at wine workshops or organize collegial gathering with a point, or "team building"? To spend time talking, drinking and having snacks in a well-known company? Or do you want a real tourist adventure where you will meet new people? Whatever you decide, you will not make a mistake.

It would not be possible to be a representative of the best tastes of Serbia - without brandy (rakija). As much as they are into wine, they are into the traditional drink as well. You need to know that Vine & Pleasure meets all your wishes. Just one phone call or email is enough to get all the information. There are strong connections here. There is not "cannot be" nor impossible.

Meetings in a modernly designed tasting hall are the best for a detailed presentation of wines. Licensed sommeliers are engaged, who in addition to competent education have a great sense of humor. You will not listen to expert lectures with many unknown words but an interesting speech you can learn a lot from. Topics are not fixed. They adapt to your affinities. The only condition is that you are more than 18 years old. Definitely, this is the genuine wine tourism that Belgrade lacked until recently.