Light a candle not a firecracker

Hotshot is not the one who lights firecrackers, but the one who feeds the animals when days are cold

Monday 31st of December 2018

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Until the end of January, there are a lot of occasions for celebration. New Year's Eve, Christmas and Serbian New Year's Eve. Great celebrations and different celebrations. Every year, the same problem - firecracker. People are proud of their virtue to love animals. On social networks, they compete who will provide home to abandoned pets and how many meals they will prepare for hungry stray dogs and small sparrows. Then comes the holiday season and this endless love takes a break.

The animal kingdom is afraid of the unnatural sound of pyrotechnics. They literally die of fear. Pets, stray dogs, escaped cats and birds - all of them are equally terrified. Not a single animal likes firecrackers, skyrockets and fireworks. Once again, it's high time to stop pyrotechnics - forever!

Never use festive equipment in your home but go outside. You may have saved your dog or cat from permanent trauma, but you are still selfish. You have not saved so many neighbourly pets and those with and without home. Every year about 5,000 dogs die from firecrackers. They get scared, they start running, then a car comes and goodbye. They will never come back for a hug or food. Often for the New Year's Eve, they get a heart attack because of you and your habits.

It is holiday for them too. Give them more attention, treat them with forbidden sugar, pet them. Instead of giving your pets sedatives as vet told you, give them love and security.

We must not interfere with family relationships. The modern era says so. When you see a cheerful dad who compensates missed in his childhood and lights firecrackers with his children, if you say something, you will get the answer that it is not your business what they do. Regardless of the fact that black statistics from year to year only multiplies the number of injured children, it seems that nobody plans to give up on the meaningless habit.

When your child has his finger amputated, his whole hand or leg, when doctors heal the heaviest burns for months, when they say that your child will never see with the injured eye again, nor will be able to hear - it is too late to repent. No turning back. Psychological and physical traumas are eternal.

If you do not want to abandon bizarre habit after all, we appeal to you to buy pyrotechnic equipment from licensed manufacturers that have a safety certificate. They are more expensive than street vendors but with adequate use, the consequences are minimal. Firecracker, skyrockets or fireworks are properly used like this: put the object to the ground where you light it, step away and wait for it to explode. It is never held in your hand. Never for the middle part where dynamite is placed.

According to the law, in case you are caught by the police, prepare from 10,000 to 50,000 dinars for a fine, or between 40 and 120 hours of community service. If you are caught in a group of three or more people, organize your obligations on time because you will spend 30 to 60 days in prison.