Merlinka Festival

The jubilee 10th edition of the international queer film

Sunday 2nd of December 2018

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Merlinka 2018, the only film festival dedicated to the LGBTIQ population will be held in the Youth Center from 6th to 9th December. Organizers announce a special programme for this year's edition of the international festival entitled "Despite everything".

The concert of Bojana Stamenov and Dajana Ho in the Great Hall from 21:00 will mark the beginning of the festival. Screening of short films, documentary and feature films, educational debates, photo exhibitions and literary evenings are part of the the rich content of Merlinka 2018. Exactly twenty guests who will present their attitudes through film art are coming to Belgrade. For the end, on the 9th day of December, starting at 09:00, Ivana Rasic - Sajsi Mc and Tijana Rasic perform.

Marilyn Monroe is not the inspiration for this festival. Vjeran Miladinovic Merlinka is. The first known trans person from Belgrade had the main role in the film "Marble Ass" by Zelimir Zilnik. This film opened the debut event in 2009. With respect and memory of Merlinka, the same event has been advocating the promotion of the rights of the LGBTIQ community and the reduction of homophobia in society for a full decade.