Winter in Belgrade

Cold days are not only for staying under warm blanket. At least not in the capital of Serbia

Monday 24th of December 2018

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Winter officially began on 21st December. Invited or not, it moved to the city before the calendar told so. And let it be. With several layers of clothes, who cares about the temperature below zero. Winter does not think about what should be, but it does what it wants. It is really not hard to decide what to do in Belgrade in the snow. For the beginning, it is enough to do what winter does and finally listen to our wishes.

Being red because of cold is OK as long as you are not in the red. Especially now when it is possible to spend all your balance. The same caution that applies to walking on the ice should be used during shopping. Yes, it is difficult to resist the most beautiful shop windows. Keep in mind that we remain on the planet after 31st December.

You are not interested in anything else except to be there for the discounts, among Christmas trees and thousands of people sharing the same euphoria. If winter does what it wants - you can do as well. Shopping malls are swarming with shoppers and special offers. If you are bothered by the strong frequency, the legendary Bulevar Kralja Aleksandra (King Aleksandar Boulevard) is an ideal location for shopping and walking. Both walking and city energy while shopping. A combination you will not resist.

Concerts, exhibitions, fairs, films and everything that creates great entertainment is in the calendar of events every day. Faster than ever pace of the city calls for a great dance. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to music favourites, popular exhibition or to experience the holiday magic at the Fair in the new edition of the famous "New Year's Festival". Do not be lazy because you will be waiting for contents like this for a year.

After breathing in the city atmosphere, it is still not time to go back under your favourite blanket. Good health is the first thing everybody will want for themselves and for others when the clock ticks midnight. Another round of wishes will follow for Christmas. Nothing happens by itself, and in order for desire to become reality, the first thing that you can do is to make walking a daily habit. Kalemegdan is here. Tasmajdan park did not move even a millimeter. Kosutnjak serves large portions of fresh air at any moment. You can walk and show all the new winter details you have bought.