Winter sweets

Sugar because nothing else boosts the mood so well

Friday 28th of December 2018

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Long live the winter! There is no light clothes nor checking out bodies. Without guilty conscience but always with measure - enjoy desserts. The sweetest winter season ever has arrived. Not even those who are fully disciplined when it comes to diet will resist suggestions. You have to try these top 5 sweets. More than once.

With the first snow, traditional cinnamon biscuit returned to the scene. A typical New Year's and Christmas dessert perfectly matches with warm tea, coffee or mulled wine. Different shapes and joyful decorations remind us that winter is a period of joy. When you go to work or take a walk in the city, take these biscuits with you. Mini bites will surely beautify chaos at work and make up for lost energy. Cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg are mandatory ingredients, and each is extremely healthy. Always consume mini-treats throughout the winter.

Warm apple pie will make the feeling of cold go away at least briefly. The legend of sweet gastronomy is once again enjoying its glory. It brings hedonism worth its weight in gold if it is served with a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Sweet, juicy, perfect. Treat yourself with fabulous sweets. You will not make mistake even if you choose the option with cherries.

There has been a long struggle between a la grandma and American pancakes. The first ones are those you cannot stop eating. The other ones are the trend, something that is not very close to the original recipe. With a lot of dough and even more toppings, they are more like a rich creamy cake than a pancake. This winter, the winner is grandma's recipe. With jam, chocolate (eurokrem) or rustic - only with sugar, it does not matter. You will enjoy anyway.

Another retro proposal. Plum dumplings. It is impossible to resist them. Dough is just as it should be, soft but not too much. Big sweet plum inside. "Rolled" in sugar. These are the real dumplings. The great news is that they are at the center of attention again and are relatively easy to find. Old tastes for a completely new sweet adventure.

The sweetest for the end. The chocolate rhapsody is not missed now. Any kind, in every form. The more, the better. Do not think about calories. It is not the moment. Turn to exploring the favourite sweet galaxy. In this field, innovations are constant. Unbelievably, each is even more interesting than the previous one. There is no dilemma when to eat chocolate in all its forms. It is known. Always.

Dessert plus: ice cream. For many people the best sweets are available in Belgrade all year long. It is not true that this treat is exclusively for summer days. In winter you do not have to order lighter tastes due to high temperatures. Right now you can exaggerate a bit with the sweet refreshment.