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Talent for dance in the center of attention

Wednesday 16th of January 2019

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The city of Belgrade hosts the Europa Cup "Skate Helena 2019" until 19th January. Ice hall Aleksandar Nikolic - Pioner will host 360 skaters from around the world. An artistic and sports event organized by the Serbian Skating Association and the skating club "Helena Pajovic" is in the world calendar of competitions.

The twelfth Europa Cup, apart from the immeasurable importance for the development and promotion of figure skating throughout Serbia, has humanitarian character. The usual practice of purchasing tickets is replaced by a donation. Anyone who comes, instead of paying for a seat, will actually pay for a meal for abandoned dogs and cats.

Participants in the international competition for all categories will be judged according to the rules of the International Skating Union. If you get carried away by amazing fusion of sports and artistic movements, immediately after the end of the cup, go to one of the ice-rinks in Belgrade and test your possibilities. Maybe pirouette on ice is like made for you.

Helena Pajovic (1979-2000), a Serbian skater, whose name the competition bears, during her short life, participated three times at the World Figure Skating Championship, while she represented the colours of Yugoslavia twice in European competitions. She lost her life in 2000 in a car accident. Since 2001, the Serbian Skating Association has been organizing a cup in Helena's honour.

The continuation of the dance adventure is in Dorcol Platz. A big party for dancing and boosting your mood is scheduled for 19th January from 20:00 until midnight. The premiere dance and laughter event in 2019 promises a great atmosphere with Latin, Caribbean, sensual and similar, fantastic dances.