Fast food - forbidden love

Street gastro art

Saturday 19th of January 2019

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There is no person who will not say that fast food is a bad choice. There is no person who at least once did not stand in the line for pljeskavica (burger) and other fast specialties.

Fast food in Belgrade is identical as in the whole world. Absolutely everything is on offer. There is no part of the city where there is no fast food restaurant. There used to be only red kiosks in which hot dogs were sold. Along with a hot dog, boiled bagels were offered as well. Many places for fast food today look the same as modern bars.

Fast food retailers are often criticized because of the allegedly reduced quality of ingredients they use. You will easily notice those who have no worries about conscience flirting with suspicious origin and content. Simply - there is no crowd in such places. All others are crowded. We know that you like this type of nutrition and therefore the favourite fast bites on Belgrade streets follow.

1. Cevapi and pljeskavice (kebab and burger)

Always and forever. Probably the oldest representatives of "street meat" did not become boring to numerous audience. Traditionally, only with onion or with a lot of toppings - the choice is yours. Those who, even in ordering moments take care of the figure, when asked: "In a bun or a somun?" will answer affirmatively to the second option. In addition to cevapcici (kebab) and the most varied varieties of burgers, there are other grilled specialties at every step.

2. Pizza

If you return home after a night out without stopping for a pizza, it is like you did not even go out. Capricciosa, 4 cheese, Margherita, the one with kulen (flavoured sausage made of minced pork). Often, there is also the possibility of adding different salads which the true fan of the Italian brand kindly refuses. Many people eat pizza solely in portions. Only on the street. They will never order it at the restaurant. Crunchy crust, melting cheese, good ham and a taste of the real tomato sauce. It takes little to be happy.

3. Burek

It is eaten exclusively in bakery. You will not find it next to kebab and pizza, but it is equally popular. A difficult choice for the stomach but the easiest for hunger. Evergreen variants, modern stuffing like pizza burek, it does not matter. The nutritionists can appeal to the percentage of fat in one portion, but there is no point. Hot burek + cold yogurt = fantasy.

4. World fast food chains

The largest and most popular fast food chain has been disputed since the beginning, but continues to break records of earnings. There are many more similar, and they also earn unrealistic figures. The stories about GMO, hidden sugars, artificial flavours and colours have been broadcast for a long time. All that is stated related to this topic, unfortunately, is also true for almost every other type of nutrition. If you are moderate, you do not have a problem. Not a single doctor will forbid you to taste a delicious fast meal if you consume it occasionally.

As everything, the fast food galaxy is dominated by trends. Periodically. Pasta, gyros, sandwiches, potatoes in a hundred ways - from time to time, they live their fifteen minutes of fame. So far, interesting innovations have failed to take the most popular options for outdoor nutrition off the throne.