Where is great city entertainment

Attention! The following days in Belgrade are not for walking outdoors. That is why they are like made for great events at well-known locations

Wednesday 30th of January 2019

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After going round Serbia since May, the European Film Festival finally arrives in Belgrade. In the period from 30th January to 8th February, the EU Info Center will feature 27 film screenings. Feature films, shorts, animated and documentary films will take turns every day during the period of the festival at 18:00 and 20:00. The seventh in a row festival is marked by European cultural heritage, which this year bears the slogan "Our Heritage: Where the past meets the future".

The Japanese Pop Culture Convention "Chibicon 2019" is held in the Youth Center from 1st to 3rd February. The overture to the spectacle "Japanism" has grown from a small event to a big one with a huge audience and has an excellent programme. The theme of this edition is "Aurora Borealis" - Northern Lights. The people of Japan are especially thrilled with this natural phenomenon, because it is very rare in their territory. Discussions, lectures, competitions, quizzes, exhibition-sales fair, films, parties - the whole content will be in accordance with the topic of the convention. Pokemon GO Tournament, cosplay workshops and competitions, presenting social games clubs and much more will mark new gathering in the style of Japanese pop culture.

The first February does not offer "just" movies and entertainment. The great "Dorcolski Salsadrom" is also scheduled for 1st February from 21:30 to 02:00 at the well-known address. Dorcol Platz will welcome all lovers of salsa, rumba and similar, fantastic dances. DJs Monte Son and Muki are music hosts. A big dance floor, adequate music and many people who share the same passion for moving the hips to exotic rhythm will make low temperatures go away and bring great vibes.